Saturday, January 4, 2014

Putting cultural understanding in the daily grind

This year I resolved to be more deliberate in teaching our kids about their heritage. This means I am choosing the daily interactions that we have as opportunities for them to learn about our values, language and culture. Since I sing for them in the evening and they do love it a lot! I decided to expose them to Tagalog songs. I haven't been singing children's songs in Filipino for a long time except to sing some family favorites like Leron, Leron Sinta and my made up lullabye "Tulog na".

So what's a mama got to do? Look at youtube of course! Here are a few links I found and will be singing for the next few weeks:

I am sure to get back to these videos for other songs especially from Filipino for kids and Tagalog Lang's Awiting Pambata. Mama Lisa's world offers a lot  of other songs and in other dialects too! It would be nice to make a video of the kids singing these songs. Well that might be for next month! :)

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