All About Me

Hi my name is Lana Jelenjev. I came from the Philippines but is now based in the Netherlands with my husband and our two lovely and spirited children. I have been here for the past 3 years now. I devote a lot of my energy in doing curriculum consultancy work for a pioneering primary school in Indonesia - Equal Bright where I was based prior to coming here in the Netherlands.

In my spare time, between juggling work and family, I do manage to do volunteer works for Stichting Bayanihan Philippine Women's Center in the Netherlands as one of their trainers on empowering Filipina migrants here in NL. I also write for Munting Nayon News Magazine about my experiences here in the land of tulips as a mother, wife, and educator. Together with some close friends we've put together a support group for Filipinas-Samenleven. We also host get together parties and from time to time engage in lively discussions through the website on various issues from integration, to having a family here in the Netherlands or any issues that newcomers face in the Netherlands.

For breathers, I specially like making digital and hybrid scrapbooks and lately, doing movie time with the family. The awe on our children' faces (ages 3 and 2 years old!) as they watch good old movies like "Singing in the Rain, Annie and Sound of Music" amazes me.