Thursday, January 2, 2014

Finally a New Post for the New Year!

2013 was a wonderful year for our family and for my personal growth. It meant though not being able to blog as much as I would have wanted. But I am starting the new year with a new direction to 365 days of Motherhood. This year will be a year to get the kids more aware of  their heritage. This year I will be teaching them more songs in Tagalog and Kapampangan (oh my I would need to brush up on that!) and speak to them more in our language. It also means opening them to other cultural values (like teaching them "pakikisalamuha" since we love entertaining and mingling with others). They also love the book Onze Manieren (Our Manners) so I can move forward with this and get them into understanding and appreciating the Filipino psychology.

Well for now, I will sit back and enjoy the day while I await the thrills and excitement for this year. Expecting that there will be a lot of good things and challenges to come our way and I am ready for it. Like my journal says I will Keep Calm and Carry On :)

P.S. I know it isn't Christmas but it sure was a proud moment when the kids sang this:

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