Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our First Family Fun Pictorial

Today we had a family outing together with another family friend of ours. Such an adventure we had at Plopsa Indoor Coevorden and the children specially Nia and Katie had so much fun being together. I knew I just had to find a way to make the memories of this special day last so upon coming home, I invited the kids to help me make a pictorial of our day. It was amazing how much details they put in it (well mostly Katie) but I intend to continue making Family Outing Pictorials with them to help us remember the fun times we had together.

Not only is this a nice fine motor activity, what is even special is how it makes them connect with their experiences for today. What is also a bonus is we got to inculcate a sense of appreciation to the experience. This is how we did it... while driving home, we asked the kids if they had fun which they gave a slightly enthusiastic yes to (partly tired and partly busy with their Storio) so we asked again if they had fun and if they would like to have other outings. This time they replied with more enthusiasm. But we did not stop there, it was a good time to share with the children to be appreciative of the experiences they get so we talked a little bit about giving thanks to Mama and Tata for planning such a nice outing for the family. Always good to instill being thankful isn't it? :)

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