Friday, October 5, 2012

Gooey, Sticky Slime

With the events happening here and there and the kids being in school for a longer period, I am faced with the dilemma. How can I continue with doing the activities with the children and sustain their interests in sensory activities, arts and crafts? My answer? I challenged myself to at least just have ONE activity done with the children per week. Just one and I'll see how the children pick it up. I already heard Katie yesterday that we haven't done any technique lately, so I should resolve to keep this ONE ACTIVITY A WEEK CHALLENGE- just to spruce things up between the daily routines and to keep connected with my children as they try different activities and materials.

Now, it's thursday and after getting the pantry organized, I found some glutinous rice flour that was already expired and turned it into this:

Now I wonder what Halloween activity can be up for next week? Hmmmm, perhaps some silly Picasso inspired- monster faces? :) ohhh goodie, goodie!

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