Friday, September 28, 2012

Overhead projector fun

We're glad that our order from came on time! The color paddles  and power polygons are addition to our light table explorations. But we also got today the second hand overhead projector that I got for a good price from Marktplaats. The kids were so excited to see the projected image on the wall. Looking forward to more light activities!!!

Next time that we show a new gadget to the kids, I will try to do object-based looking that I happened to read about from Art Project: Overhead Projector from Rachelle of Tinkerlab.


  1. Don't you just love this? After I dusted our projector off, I thought it would go right back into the garage, but it's been in my house for months! Thanks for sharing my post.

  2. Oh it's such a pleasure seeing the kids play with it. They still drift from one activity to another but when they are at the projector or light table you can really see they are thoroughly engaged with it.

    My pleasure in sharing your post. Still looking for more info on object-based looking. It really got me intrigued :)