Friday, May 24, 2013

Why Mother's Day is Difficult

Written May 14, 2013
8:30 am

 My mom in her wedding dress

Why mother's day is difficult... I lost my mother to breast cancer, she was just 49. Every year that we celebrate Mother's day, I take some moment of my morning to grieve and be grateful. Grieve for the many days and years that my mom will never physically see her lovely grandchildren, grieve for all the rite of passages that our lives (my brother and mine) are going through and that we would like to share with her, grieve for not having the chance to greet her and pamper her during Mother's day in ways that I can provide for her now, in ways that she so deserve. Last Sunday, my daughter saw me weeping, minutes after I was presented with breakfast in bed and hearts made by her and her brother. She came to me with her distraught in her eyes and asked what was the matter. I told her how I , too, would like to greet my mom. She hugged me and with her 6 year old wisdom told me that "I only have to dream and I would see her." Yes, Mother's day will always be bittersweet but with all that I have now, I owe it with whole gratitude to my mother and my grandma for they have and always will be my women of strength and my inspiration.

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