Saturday, March 30, 2013

Exploring Romero Britto

We loved the exploration on Romero Britto! The use of dark, thick lines and vibrant colors appealed to the children. But what was interesting in the activity was that it offered me a chance to use different thinking strategies with it. We used the thinking routine "Step inside: Perceived, Cared about, Know about" in looking at Romero Britto's artwork "The New Day" . It was interesting to hear about the children's replies and they were able to point out it was "sunshine". We also used the thinking routine to ask the children what Headline they will give for it. Milos remarked ""Flying Heart" whereas Katie said "Sunny Day."

We also used this in emphasizing on the Habits of the Mind Thinking Flexibly as a way to emphasize on looking at different perspectives.This went well also with the Exploring Viewpoints of the Artful thinking palette and the Different Perspectives of the Depth and Complexity Icons. It was surely interesting how these strategies blended together in one activity! We even had a follow through of Romero Britto using coloring dolls. I need to see if I got the photos done for those though :/

 I am definitely loving Romero Britto!

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