Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Loosening the apron strings

Last Monday, our little guy is officially going to primary school. I thought I have prepared myself well for this new period but the past days before and the days after (till now), I am still learning to adjust to this new stage in their lives and in mine.

How lovely it was to see him so adjusted and so ready that he just gave a kiss and a tight hug and let my hand go. It has been like that from the time he set foot in his new class till today and keeping my fingers crossed will be like that in each day he goes to school. Yesterday he saw me peering through their class window from outside the school. His first reaction "Mama, what are you doing there?" then gave me a wave and a smile.  Oh how proud I am of my angels... and yes I tap my back each day to tell myself what katie told me in her frist day of school, "komt goed Mama, het komt goed"( it will be alright Mama, it will be all right).

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