Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Looking at a new light

It has taken me ages to get back to blogging. Not that we haven't been doing much, contrary to that. A lot has happened the past few weeks and the biggest of all is our move to the new house. I am pretty excited to share the children's play area but that has to wait since we are still in the middle of doing the floors and putting on the wallpapers. Anyway, a lot to do but still I am glad I get to have some quiet time to reflect on important things. The last course I took from the Gifted and Talented Certificate program from the University of California, San Diego gave way to some pretty heavy reflections. Not on the course itself but on how I see our darling little girl Katie. Although, she is not in anyway assessed to be gifted, however a lot of the profiles given in the course kept hinting at "ohh this is so much like my daughter!". What was the biggest take away though for me was the realization that Katie's perfectionist side is so much a reflection of who I am. It stung a bit but it was a good sting in the end because it opened me to understand our precarious and precious little girl in ways that I would say, I am grateful for the chance to do things all over again and to keep gently nudging her till she feels secure with her talents.

Each night I watch you sleep
Prayers of gratitude upon my lips
I wonder in awe at how much you know
And praise the heavens at how you grow
You astound us in many ways
You keep us up till our tiny little toes
You move in wonder and delight
And keep us basking in your light
I know sometimes I push you too hard
And kept on asking you to try
It is not meant for you to feel sad
But in your eyes you began to tell me why
In silence you practice,
 to put your best foot forward
And when we’re not looking,
 you try hard and persevered
So that when the time comes
when you have mastered your craft
You show us with pride what you have trained hard
But little did you know that I saw through your eyes
You need not hide from me as you try
For I know how you feel and my dear girl it is fine
Mommy knows now what is on your mind
It took me awhile to get my sight straight
But now I am looking at my reflected state
I know how it feels to feel insecure
To insist on perfection amidst being goofy’s allure
But you are such a wonder and I want you to know
that practice is needed in making us grow
You may try to hide from us as you make tentative steps
But my darling Katie, Mommy finds you amazing
Filled to the brim, overflowing in depth…

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