Monday, November 7, 2011

Autumn work table

I did say that I will be explaining what is on the children's work table so here is the first part. For the month of October we focused on Autumn as our theme. The children loved picking up dried leaves and placed them in their season tray (in this case it was a steel bin that a friend of mine gave). To introduce one-to-one correspondence I decided to convert two of my Hors d'oeuvre trays- one I used to place the cut-outs (shadow leaves, small cut-outs of leaves and small paperclips). The other I used as the sorting tray. I used foam number stickers for each container and recycled the expired coffee beans of my husband for their one-to-one correspondence activity. For Katie the learning goal is of course more complicated with the extension activity as counting and then adding two containers.

Here are some pictures of Katie doing the extension activity:
Not a good photo though of her doing the one-on-one counting task :/

In the addition part, I helped her do the first few equations the last one she tried on her own :)

I wouldn't want to finish this blog without mentioning the shadow leaf board and count and clip activity that you can see from the picture of their work table. These activities along with a lot of exciting work sheets on autumn was taken from 2 Teaching Mommies. Be sure to check out their collection of Fun Seasonal Themes!

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