Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Autumn Work table part 2

I think I finally caught the bug that the children have for the past few weeks. Itchy throat and all, I still would like to finish the post about the children's work table.

The autumn words that Katie cut and pasted in her notebook were taken from the Autumn preschool packs of 1+1+1=1. The magnetic strip I saw at Xenos and thought of printing the phonemes from Mama Jenn's blogsite to encourage Katie and Milos to copy the autumn words. I used the magnetic photo paper from Hema to print the tiles (tiles were rescaled to fit the 4x6 inch magnetic photo paper).

Working on the early reading computer program (I forgot the exact name, I'll blog about it next time), I decided to make -at word wheels for Katie. This I got from Superteacher worksheets. You can find other word wheels there.

I think I got the materials on the children's work table fully explained. I'll definitely be posting some of the other projects that I am working on for the children (theme binders) and also their Andy Warhol activity! But for now, rest time and hopefully this bug go away quickly.

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