Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Addition to Our Playtime

Early childhood educators have always emphasized the importance of light exploration to young children. You might be wondering, what exactly is the light table for ?

The light table allows children to explore colors, shadow, and light. Some activities that children can do with the light table are:
a. looking and making shadows
b. exploring colors and color mixing
c. exploring how light affects color
d. drawing on transparent paper
e. doing painting activities
f. exploring the concepts of textures and shapes
g. stringing transparent beads
h.looking closely at details of natural items such as leaves, flowers
i. exploring the human body with x-rays
j. discovering illusions and reflections

In the next coming days we will be exploring the light table more. I just can't wait until our package for the light table arrives... ohhh goodie, goodie! :)

To read more on how homeschool moms are using the light table just click on the link and be at awe with all the activities they have done:

Meet the Light Box- Your New Must have Toy from Modern parents Messy Kids
DIY Light Table from Play at Home Mom (and there's quite a lot of other interesting activities as well!)
Deb@Living Montessori Now have a lot of pinned activities with the light table. Surely a must follow on pinterest.

What's your favorite light table activity? Drop us a line if you have other links to share!

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