Monday, February 6, 2012

A whole lot of loving going on...

The past few days we have been terribly busy doing one heart project after another. Althought most of them last only for a good 10 to 15 minutes or so, still it is nice to see that everone, including my husband is thoroughly involved with the monthly thematic activities. So just what have we been up to?

We don't have that much wall space so I decided to use our window as our theme board.

The children had a blast looking for the 14 hearts and my husband enjoyed practising his origami skills. Although Katie didn't make the origami heart, she sure was delighted to get one from her father.

We also had fun using the popcake maker for the first time. We used a ready-to-bake muffin mix though just to see how it works and had the children decorate it. Served together with warm Milo (chocolate drink) and some heart shaped marshmallows. Food for the soul on a very cold winter season!

Good thing my husband captured Katie's popcake wonder :) Just seeing their enthusiastic faces is enough to say, well worth the money spent.

There's still a lot in store for the children since I finally got their "mail writing station" done. Bought a cheap plastic heart frames and wrote "Guess how much I love you" in the middle. This will be our picture projects for the next few days. It goes well with the book "Guess How Much I love you"(we have the dutch version) that I placed on a bin together with the heart frame. I'll definitely post pictures soon. Another thing I am excited to do with Katie is the valentines kiddie sudoku that I prepared. I still have to see how she would fare with this activity, a wee bit of a challenge I think but after playing CirKis then I think she will just be fine.

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