Saturday, January 21, 2012

Going gaga over Pinterest

I am getting hooked on Pinterest!. Such a wealth of ideas to explore and what's even more fascinating is you can instantly classify them to different boards. I am such a huge fan of vision boards so for me Pinterest is all about creating different vision boards according to specific categories. Well my pins are still in the process of getting categorized further and sifted through. But for now I just enjoy the process of finding gems from the materials that I find that are pinned by others.

One gem in particularly that I find very helpful in teaching art to children is Mrs. Dion's student website . Again I am just so happy and thrilled to be stumbling upon such vast information that I can share with my children. We even started the lesson on lines last night. Got the kids talking about horizontal vertical and diagonal lines. But the book that I bought them Little Green by Keith Baker really got them hooked on making loop-de-loops. I'm thankful for Art Projects for Kids for the Kinder Line Art Project that inspired me to buy that book for the children. You know if you got your money's worth on books when your kids start making drawings with different lines and tells you what they are :)

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