Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: A Year to Many Firsts

This year we spent the coming of the new year together with our close friends, got some cleaning done and had a chance to attend mass (something I have not done since coming here in the Netherlands)... so considering all those things I found it apt to title this blog as a Year to Many Firsts.

Just what am I looking forward to in the next coming days?

Two major family outings that are up and coming: The Paul Klee exhibit at the Cobra Museum . A first for our little ones since this will be their first formal musuem experience. We still haven't planned exactly when we will be going but keeping my fingers crossed that we get to see it before our short family get away. Yes, we are finally going away as a family for a couple of days which does not involve going to see relatives or friends. Our short family trip is still hush-hush but will definitely post pictures.

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