Thursday, December 1, 2011

Warming up for drawing activities

I was very happy to stumble upon the site of Kathy Barbro Art Projects for Kids. Not only do they have interesting projects but the mural activities are something that is interesting to do with the children. If only they are also scaled a bit smaller for younger ones (mini mural options are not as varied as the bigger ones). But what I love the most and which I purchased for the children are the Drawing Practice sheets. I definitely can't wait to see Katie and Milos breezing through these practice sheets to develop their critical thinking and visual discrimination skills. Just that I need to make them into strips so it will not be too overwhelming for my little ones. It was so interesting that even my husband was enthusiastic to also check the sheets out for himself! Maybe I should also sit down with them when doing this :)

Sample of drawing sheet from Art Projects for Kids.

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