Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists

Like their father and me, Katie and Milos have a penchant for books. If we are too tired to read them a story book before bedtime, both of them are accustomed to pick a book and read for themselves. I sometimes even ask Katie to read a book for me. I just can't wait until she can finally read on her own. Now that she is beginning to read cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant) words, she gets enthusiastic when she can read the word without my prodding. What more when she can read sentences! A great big world will definitely open up for her! This would also be good for Milos since he looks after his sister. once he sees Katie reading on her own, that would surely spark him to also start mouthing out the sounds. Well I'm already impressed that for a 3 year old he can write his name without any copy so surely reading will be quick for him too.

Anyway, while going through some activities that I would like to introduce to the children, I stumbled upon a set of books all dedicated to introducing artists and their art works to children. Boris and I both salivated when we saw the collection at our favorite online bookstore. Book depository has a wide collection of books and the best part, they are cheap and free delivery! Here's the picasso book that was part of the set:

Can't wait to get my hands on all 20 of them! and maybe after reading the books to the kids next time when we are by Ikea they will be able to recognize some of Picasso's work in the Olunda frame.

I'll definitely post pictures once the books arrive. But for now, patience Lana, patience.

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